Face Face & Baby Shower


9:00 pmFriday, 12 February 2021


Post Office Hotel

229-231 Sydney Road Coburg

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Emerging from the gelatinous swamp of our stale bedrooms and studios comes an amalgamized creature so starved for spotlight and sick bass lines, its oscillating groans and wails can be heard down every side-street and alley off Sydney Road. One balmy February evening, in the shadows cast by street lamps, it edges fervently into the abraded doors of a local pub.

It’s been a long time since these two musical bodies joined forces at the Cartoon Villain EP launch of 2019. The malevolent Miss Corona ruined everyone’s plans for a year, bolting the venue doors and closing down the bars. But now Face Face and Baby Shower are BACK with all six heads, twelve legs and a rider at The Post Office Hotel.

The first half of this Melbournian monster is Baby Shower. An electric ukulele emerges from its fleshy folds, ready to charm us with some raucous and childlike abandon about weed and potato chips. Expect dancing and distortion from this squad.

Jutting from the creature’s vertebrae, two drumsticks tinker at a frantic beat as the Face Face crew push through a grungy layer of skin. They’ll unblock some earwax with familiar favourites and stomp their filthy feet to some new tunes.

Bring your friends and let’s reunite… FOREVER.

This show is free entry.

Baby Shower: 9:00 - 9:45
Face Face: 10:00 - 10:45

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