Exhaust World, Synthetics, Frag & Moth, Summit (Darwin) 'The Good Life' Tour, Wildheart (QLD), He Who Seeks Vengeance, Neo Relic


8:00 pmSunday, 24 November 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Exhaust World (7:30pm) Staunch demo cassette from earlier in the year. Unambiguous hardcore. This band knows what it wants to be and drives that rusty-ass nail home.

Synthetics (6:40pm) Loudest (best) band on this lineup. “Noise punk” if you had to call it something but it doesn’t do them justice. Nobody else like them.

Frag (5:50pm) “Imagine if The Sex Pistols were from Bundoora and that bloke's name was Johnno Rotten and not Johnny Rotten. That's what's going on here. The sound of a Blundstones treading on a human face for eternity” - Lulus

Moth (5:00pm) A new band, ffo 70s post punk. Fortunately not another Devo rip off.


Darwin metal outfit SUMMIT, have announced the release of their next installment of Top End metalcore mayhem, with their NEW single, The Good Life and East Coast tour.

SUMMIT have been working hard after a long break.

The lads have a brand new new line up welcoming heavy metal mad man Tom Heffernan behind the skins.

With a fresh outlook and perspective, plenty of high-energy powerful tunes have become increasingly all too natural for the boys to roll out.

With the announcement of their tour “THE GOOD LIFE TOUR” to celebrate the release of their new single out Mid October, the Territory boys are beginning to cement their status as serious heavy metal contenders.

In the true Aussie spirit they expect nothing less than putting on a show to remember, and sharing plenty of good times with new mates across this beautiful and ancient continent.

SUMMIT are here to let you know the untamed Australian Top End, is here to make a mark in the heavy music world.

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