Eurokrem (arvo) Cry Baby with Special Guests (evening)


2:00 pmSunday, 2 June 2019


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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What do you get when you blend two girls (one chocolate- and one white-chocolate-haired) from the Balkans who are kindred spirits and whose voices also happen to blend like a certain favourite chocolatey spread from the old country?

Why, you get Eurokrem, of course!

Mirha and Nevena are joining forces to sashay across the stage and bring ‘Simon&Garfunkel’-esque harmonies to your fave pop-rock/blues/soul/roots tunes from Former Yugoslavia, both upbeat and ballady. Their vocal stylings are equal parts sassy and heartfelt, and music is something that electrifies them, something they feel to the tips of their toes.


CRY BABY are a new grunge-soul band hailing from a small back shed in Geelong, it is a sweet concoction of musicians with very different inspirations but a passion for music. With inspiration from classic soul and blues, funk and punk this band is one band that will keep surprising.

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