7:30 pmFriday, 28 October 2022


John Curtin Hotel

29 Lygon St, Carlton

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For near on a decade Drunk Mums have been wiping the smarmy grin off the face of the Australian music scene with their blend of proto-punk, garage, pub rock and that 77 punk explosion. And after just as many years and beers, Drunk Mums are proud to say 'smell ya later' to the absolute institution that is The Curtin for one final time before they close their doors.

Making this an absolute rip-snorter of a bill are Brisbane's Full Flower Moon Band flying in to launch their new album "Diesel Forever." There’s much restless movement in Diesel Forever, Full Flower Moon Band's sophomore album. Streets are stalked; limos pull up to the kerb; flights are hopped on; shimming highways are ridden.

Inhabiting a cinematic scene is second nature for front-woman, Kate Dillon. Dillion was raised on the out-of-body weirdness of T-Rex, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, and those kind of hypnotic stoner grooves permeate Diesel Forever. Many tracks are saturated with a potent sexual energy and Dillon’s chameleon-like voice: alternately deadpan, bravado-fuelled, sinister and coaxing. It’s a wild ride!

Come witness the sonic knock-out of two of Australia's great underground rock acts and pour one out for The Curtin.

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