Drowning Houdini w/ Elsa and The Fallopian Dudes + Gerard J Holmes


9:00 pmSaturday, 9 July 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Gerard J holmes band:

A powerful, rocking five piece full of soulfully expressed music that will appeal and relate to any crowd that knows how to have a good time 

Elsa and the Fallopian Dudes:

Four fully charged punk rockers ready to make their mark on melbourne with plenty of long haired low down guitar slingin and more sex appeal than robert plants jeans

Drowning Houdini:

A triptych psychedelic hard rock machine that takes no prisoners and in doing so reiterate music the only way they know how. Through the power of a gushing tsunami full of libido energy that will be sure to fill any and every orifice within earshot, its gettin stanky tonight…

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