Dreaming Soda, Jacqui Lumsden & Chloe The Brand


7:30 pmThursday, 8 September 2022


Leadbeater Hotel

1 Church street Richmond

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A looping homage to the middle-child of the younger generations, Dreaming Soda captures and immortalises Zillenial nostalgia in vessel of retro synths, gaming noises, and tongue-in-cheek descriptions of growing up. After the resounding popularity of the syrupy pop releases ‘Caramel’, and the dreamy groove of ‘Jake’, Dreaming Soda are expanding the visual landscape of their storytelling with a Comic Book and EP combo launch.

The 6-track EP takes you through a journey of relationships- familial and platonic- and their independent impact on the growth of a young person. The details of these moments are explored in the 16-page full-colour comic book that outlines the narrative via the clever lyricism of the tracks.

Prepare to escape the hustle and bustle of modern existence, and fall down the rabbit hole of locked away memories.

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