Dr Hernanez (arvo) New Rock Syndicate feat Masami Kawaguchi , Little Desert (evening)


4:00 pmSunday, 2 September 2018


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Dr Hernandez prescribes an exotic tonic of rootsy cumbia, boogaloo and funky reggae. The band bring a new twist to these traditions, combining traditional beats & organ-infused grooves, brass, percussion and Sally Ford's trademark soaring Spanish vocals. Playing originals and classic tunes, the sound is influenced by the musicians' diverse musical pedigree including the ARIA winning Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Texicali Rose, Spaghetti Western Orchestra, Sally Ford & the Pachuco Playboys, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Deep Street Soul, Skazz and Batacuda. The spirit of the music and the energy of these seasoned performers will have you on your feet!


Japanese psych underground comes to Brunswick - support from It Records' psych rockers, the amazing Little Desert'

Kasumuen Records is very proud to present two releases from Japanese Psych-rockers NEW ROCK SYNDICATE.

New Rock Syndicate is the psych-rock vehicle for legendary Japanese underground guitarist/songwriter, Masami Kawaguchi. Masami has been a member of some of the greatest Japanese psych bands of the last two decades - Miminokoto (with Acid Mothers Temple alumni), Los Doroncos (with Doronco of Les Rallizes Denudes), Aihiyo (with Keiji Haino), LSD March (LSD Pond feat Bardo Pond) . Now he brings us New Rock Syndicate's latest album.

The album is titled Now. It is the third major release from New Rock Syndicate, sitting alongside seven other releases, spread across European, UK and Japanese labels.

The recording of Now marks the tenth anniversary of New Rock Syndicate. This record maintains the band's early ferocity whilst, at times, reaching towards the tone of Masami's solo work (a cannon of 11 further releases!).

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