Dr. Colossus - A Tale of Two Springfields, Two Headed Dog, Smoke Witch, Shroud


8:00 pmSaturday, 25 May 2019


Geddes Lane Ballroom

2 Geddes Ln, Melbourne

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In an effort to rebuild the divide between Geelong and Melbourne, Simpsons themed doom-rock band Dr. Colossus will perform back to back shows in each fair city. Alternating bespoke setlists for each and bringing along a swagger of amazing bands for the hour long car ride.

“There’s been a huge divide between these two fair cities for so long and the proposed bullet train (monorail) has been talked about for years now. The only way I see this rift healing is through a love of really dumb riffs and an obsolete American cartoon which peaked in the 90’s." Spat drummer Dr. Skins.

The first show will take place in Geelong's Workers Club. "We've always been for the workers and this one's for them. We'll be playing a fully unionised set of classics. Well built and fully automotive" mused Guitarist Dr. Rod.

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