DPRS & Special Guests


6:30 pmWednesday, 19 December 2018



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Finishing off the year with three nights of sun, sea, sand and songs (sans sea & sand) from your favourite small surf nation? Yes bloody please.

As 2018 rolls into it's twilight period, take advantage of the fact that you've almost mentally clocked off anyway and it's daylight savings, and come surf at the Gaso with DPRS. Every Wednesday. Heapsa good bands, heapsa hits and heaps more info on the way.

Early intel from Gaso says 'Open Air' too which means roof open, like full Etihad. Well actually probably more in the Colonial Stadium days when they would rip the lid off and let the golden sun kiss the surface and just provide that amazing inside-but-actually-outside-too atmosphere for days. Kinda like being in a barrel. Surf's better with the roof open. Etihad (or Marvel) these days is always roof closed, they say for the players but I reckon it's for TV rights so you can trust we will have it open because we don't have any TV rights. Just surf rock hits.

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