7:00 pmFriday, 23 August 2019


Bombay Rock

303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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DOUBLEBLACK launch their "Tequila Sweat" CD Single at Melbourne's legendary Bombay Rock. Along for the ride are the fiery Australian Kingswood Factory, Garage rock Lords These Things, and Three Quarter Beast, and now also featuring Bek Taylor and Jason Zeke from Muscle car playing an acoustic set. DOUBLEBLACK don't play often and a hometown show in this historic venue is not to be missed. DOUBLEBLACK feature former Living End drummer Travis Demsey, and former Fireballs Songwriter and guitarist Matt Black. DOUBLEBLACK bring a scuzzy take on garage rock'n'roll that's held down by the monster double bass of Jason Skewes. Tequila Sweat single, and Merch available at the show.

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