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9:00 pmSaturday, 21 November 2020


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Mr Experience is released.

Global pandemic occurs - Live music shows and touring stops.

How do we bring the Live Experience of Mr Experience to a worldwide audience?

In February I was fortunate enough perform in US/Canada on one of my most successful tours. It was so great to finally meet and connect with my US/Canadian audiences and I was very much looking forward to returning later in the year to tour Mr Experience.

In March 2020 we had just begun rehearsing the band to prepare for the Mr Experience European tour in May and was looking forward to returning to Europe again to perform the new songs. Lockdown soon followed and we had to press pause after only one rehearsal together.

Like everything this year plans were made, changed, changed again and postponed.

I wanted to stay connected to my audience throughout the early weeks of lockdown and decided to host The D Zone online every week until the new album was released. I had put so much love into writing Mr Experience and wanted to present it in the highest quality setting for audiences rather than a series of streamed shows.

I always had the idea of filming a live performance for posterity and generally being something on my wish list. As a huge music nerd I've spent endless hours trawling the internet watching live performances of my favourite artists and I always loved the idea that one day there would be a high-end production of a Donny Benét performance filmed and viewed online for years to come!

With the prospect of not being able to leave Australia for a long time this seemed like the perfect opportunity to indulge in this concept and create a piece of art with longevity. I approached the director Alex Smith to help bring this concept into reality. I always enjoy working with Alex - we both seem to operate within an extremely fine line of subtleties and niche references. Alex utilised his collection of vintage video cameras and editing equipment, alongside a talented production crew, to capture the adventurous and exciting experience of a Donny Benét live show.

My fantastic band lived up to all expectations with their warmth and musicality and for this special occasion we were able to invite two backing singers.

I'm ecstatic with how it turned out and it's been quite satisfying to accomplish this project in an extremely dire time for live music. I hope you enjoy watching this concert!

So how can you experience it?

It's simple: sign up for a ticket at view it at .............. There is a suggested ticket price which is there to help cover the production costs of filming this concert. If you are able to contribute to this - I'm very grateful. If you want to pay a little more, or any amount -I'm extremely grateful! It all helps, especially in a time where it's been next to impossible to generate any income from being an artist.

And, once all of this is over I can't wait to jump on a plane to come visit and perform live for you once again! As time drags on I find myself longing for the simple things I find pleasure in when on tour - A steak tartare in Paris, some herring in the Netherlands, grabbing a döner in Berlin or a slice in Brooklyn...I can't wait for it all again!

Until then, please enjoy!

Don xx

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