DJ Chrysalis [Live] - DJ Netburner


7:00 pmFriday, 10 February 2023


24 Moons

2 Arthurton Road, Northcote

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2023 has arrived, and with it the next edition of 24 Moons presenting a selection of DJs and live acts cohered into a night of musical offer worth and worthy of celebration and consideration. In the Hall we will hear a pathway cut across tech house, progressive, and more; led by DJ Chrysalis (@comfortablechrysalis) debuting a new live set, DJ Netburner (@de.loniiiiiiii), Sam Brickel, and Kimi (@springcleann) creating a space for movement and merriment. While that action unfolds, in the Loft upstairs we will hear Different Shades (@different.shades) and DJ Scorpion (@djscorpionnn) delve deep into the cerebral, a counterpoint to balance the hedonism of the body below.

This event also marks the first of a series of curatorial collaborations with Harold (@harold_steeplejack) who will be generously sharing his considered perspective on sounds and artists from Melbourne and Australia for our dancing pleasure.

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