Diploid, Isua, Kilat


7:00 pmSaturday, 13 November 2021


The Corner

57 Swan Street, Richmond

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A night of exploratory metal presented by KILAT and featuring DIPLOID and ISUA.

DIPLOID are a three-piece grindcore/noise/doom band who, since their formation in 2011, have released three full-length albums, toured Australia numerous times, and toured internationally throughout Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. 'I am yours. And I am here again' is their latest album, released as part of the Flash Forward series through Heavy Machinery records.

ISUA are a cosmic sludge doom metal band from Melbourne who just released their first single, "Burden Of Dreams". The track hypnotises the listener from the fuzz-laden opening riff, the following seven minute barrage of grinding doom pins the listener to the floor, with no escape from the incendiary, smokey vocal attack laid down by Mikey and Patto. With only a brief reprieve, the sludge fuelled bass intro of track 2, Anemoia drags us back into the churning gears of ISUA. turning up the tempo and aggression. These 2 tracks flow together like lava, making ISUA’s debut single sided 12” EP a bold statement and a prophecy of things to come".

KILAT are a three piece explorative raw black metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The group consists of artists Karina Utomo (High Tension, RINUWAT), Rama Parwata (Whitehorse, RINUWAT) and Benjamin Andrews (MY DISCO, Agents of Abhorrence, Blarke Bayer). The band formed in early 2021 after years of discussion into extreme music genre fusion and the trio's simpatico relationship with one another. The black metal moniker is the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to describing KILAT's noise laden sound. This will be the group's first live performance.

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