Devil Goat Family String, The Substance, Kundalini Project, Preston Skate Massive


6:30 pmSaturday, 13 July 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Vibe Side of The Moon
All aboard for this Burn city Bass Odyssey!

A Journey with The Substance, Kundalini Project and the Preston Skate Massive at our favourite local Bar Open!

Fresh out of Melbourne, female fronted live electronic act The Substance has a groove that is sure to make you bust a move!
The sound of the underground 100% live and in full effect never fails to take the dancefloor on a journey. With tight grooves and fat bass reminiscent of the rave days combined with soulful vocal harmonies, rhymes and pop melodies. Think Prodigy meets Moloko for the most exclusive invite only party!
With the arrival of the new five track Ep, The Substance are quickly becoming a staple of Melbourne’s growing live electronic music platter. Always served Fresh!

The Kundalini Project and live show enables audiences with the soundtrack to tap into their deep earthy serpent energy, sliding through lush flowing textures, undulating on deep rolling basslines and frenetically vibrating on staccato percussive sounds.
Coupled with all the right builds and drops, Kundalini Project gives the listener and dancefloor a variety of inspiration to really create some dancefloor alchemy.

The Preston Skate Massive is an energetic collaboration of highly skilled artists drawn together to create music that is playful in nature and intriguing at its core. The multiple members of the Preston Skate Massive draw from diverse musical backgrounds to blend styles including Funk, Hip Hop, Blues and Reggae.
This makes the Preston Skate Massive unique in the sense that they always have an eclectic bunch of artists on board to blend the different genres of music into a sound that complements each other’s styles and results in dance floors getting their groove on.

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