DESERT ALIEN, JEMMA NICOLE, Sophie Macalister, Jimmy James, DJ Staz + DJ Jnett


7:45 pmSaturday, 8 February 2020


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Long before the revolution, back when everything was relatively quiet, these 3 met on the biggest desert island in the world.

Jack Hookey had been the prolific “Small Town Alien”. He had been ejected from the William Farrer Hotel for his crude lyrics. They said the swearing offended the children, but we knew, even all the way back then, it was the honesty they couldn’t handle.

Jesse Kidd meanwhile had been holed up by serene Lake Tyers, madly scrawling the things he saw when the lights went out.

The 3rd member was Harry Hookey. He had traipsed for nigh on a decade around that desert island the colonialists called “Australia”, and built quite the reputation in the country and/or western scene.

Together, they were Desert Alien and their aim was simple: TO PREPARE THE PEOPLE.

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