7:00 pmFriday, 13 May 2022



267 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

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Melbourne singer/songwriter Delsinki, known for creating the much loved ‘Keep The Circle Unbroken’ shows/tour and the new ‘Sing A Song Of Sixpence’ shows/tour gets even busier with his new solo Album ‘City / Country’, which is out Feb 14.

"Navigating The Night" from ‘City / Country’ is a live-wire, hyped-up ode to Melbourne's re-opening nightlife and name checks some of Delsinki's favourite bars - the Palace (South Melbourne), Memo Music Hall, POME, Cherry Bar, Future Mountain Brewery, Freddie Wimples and Jazz Lab. The single's video features footage shot in all of these establishments, together with Delsinki's pals Tim Rogers and Jon Von Goes.

Delsinki's new album City / Country, produced again by Cameron McKenzie (Mark Seymour & the Undertow), whose educated ear and fierce commitment to detail takes these latest 10 tracks to new heights, reflects Delsinki's last few years, mixing it large with other songwriters and getting to the nitty gritty of a song. A bower bird par excellence, Delsinki's approach contains traces of author Tim Winton and painter John Brack alongside his musical influences, giving him a unique artistic vision of contemporary Australian life. Like some sort of city-bound bush poet, Delsinki sings of his environment - from carbon monoxide and asphalt plains to lockdowns and the dream of escape - and he feels the ever present lure of nature. He would seek to rewild the city, but sees the city's impact on regional areas.

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    267 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia