Dead Preachers, Creek, Grim Fawkner


7:30 pmSaturday, 22 June 2019


Whole Lotta Love

524 Lygon Street East Brunswick

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Melbourne based, southern gothic blues rock band, Dead Preachers, make their debut on June 22nd at Whole Lotta Love Bar.

Featuring members from bands such as Massive, Winter Moon, The Ugly Kings and The Evils, they are no strangers to the stage, and are sure to make a big impression on the Melbourne rock scene.

Don't miss your first chance to see them tear it up at Whole Lotta Love Bar on June 22nd.


Awoken from their slumber, the hairy Creek rad-lords have ascended from riverbanks Victoria-wide, merging in Melbourne to spread their concoction of heartfelt noise mud all over fans of heavier music.

With a groove akin to the constant flow of the current, and a force as reckoning as the strong pull of the rapids, you’ll be mesmerised and mobilised by their modern take on rock’n’roll.


Grim Fawkner is an itinerant minstrel, whose acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful balladry, with elements of blues, pop & indie thrown in. He is a self taught guitarist and vocalist, has been self-managed and performing for 4 years and has toured extensively across Australia, NZ and the UK.

Grim Fawkner's music is fresh and unique enough to set it apart, yet with enough pop sensibility that it is accessible by all music appreciators. It is his high intensity and passion for performing live though that keeps him in the minds of all who see him play.

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