DAVE PHAM (Vinyl Set), Emmymaie, Dale Lord, Dork


8:30 pmSaturday, 13 October 2018


Red Betty

Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick

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DAVE PHAM (Vinyl Set)/::. What can we say? A veteran within the Melbourne techno scene, and a punter, dating back to the 'Golden years' of techno (94'). Pham is known as one of this fine cities most dependable selectors, and rightly so!

He has opened for such legends as Dave Clark and Luke Slater as well as having worked with a number of production companies over the years such as ‘Wetmusik Hardware’ and ‘The Likes Of You’.

To list all of his triumphs and parties over the years would take far too long.

'His expertise in the warm-up slot has made him a valuable player, too, bringing the dancefloor to simmering point for many international (artists) to take over.' - inthemix

Dave is a living legend within the scene and you would be crazy to miss his magic.

EMMYMAIE/::. Having spent over 10 years in Melbourne's live music scene as a singer performing all around the country and with a variety of Punk/Jazz-infused improv bands. Emmymaie is now proving herself on the decks. Her skills as a musician are reflected in her sets as they're known for their cohesion and thoroughly engaging journey-driven sounds.

She has had the honor of supporting some of Melbourne's favorite techno acts, such as Drumcell (USA), Truncate (USA) for Machine Label and Artefakt (GER) for SILO Productions, among many others.

DALE LORD/::. Dale is no stranger to the decks. He's been a punter in the scene for more then 18 years and it's safe to say, techno runs thick through his veins. He's versatile and knows his way around a classic.

DORKE/::. A new comer eager to make you bounce. Having moved to Melbourne two years ago from the Sunshine Coast, with hopes of putting on parties and creating an experience you won't forget.

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    Red Betty

    Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick