Dave Graney & Clare Moore (album launch) with Special Guests


8:00 pmSunday, 1 May 2022


Northcote Social Club

301 High Street, Northcote

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Everything Was Funny (Something you may have noticed) is the album Dave Graney and Clare Moore recorded and released in 2021. It has 13 tracks on which they play everything including two instrumental pieces. Each track could be suggesting a whole album of a different nature.

Lyrical tracks, trails and themes involve a further Rolling Stones mythological piece (The Anita Effect), teenage biker gangs (I Knew the Wild Angels), American cultural firefights (Wilco Got No Wilco), tobacco scenes, alcoholic scenes, iconic female rambling singer scenes and the two instrumentals – one very Russian and another kind of Dublin/Miami.

“With Graney taking control of vocals, guitars, and autoharp, while Moore tends to the drums, bass xylophone, percussion, keys, and backing vocals, their experimentation gives way to one of the finest hours of music you’ll likely find this year. Equally refreshing and exploratory, yet still maintaining the classic Graney and Moore sound that has kept fans transfixed for decades, it feels like a detour into their minds, allowing us to see the musical cogs that are forever turning”.

Tyler Jenke – Rolling Stone Australia

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