Daniel Aaron


7:00 pmFriday, 18 June 2021


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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Daniel Aaron is an outfit of one - dynamic, solo, multi-instrumental. Tight enough to squeeze into the Drunken Poets cosy bar, raucous enough to have you on your toes. From soaring swells to hard-hitting riffs, a thumping didgeridoo to a nimble harmonica, delicate ukulele to bubbly bass-lines, gravel-coated vocal chords to whirling melodies, reserved yet rambunctious Daniel’s essence is all moulded with dexterity, intricate looping and a fire in his belly. The only things you can expect at a Daniel Aaron set are a didgeridoo and a classy mullet. He’s no Irish, but he’ll have you in a jig.

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