Dane Blacklock and the Preacher's Daughter "LILITH" Single Launch, Freud and the Family Solution


7:00 pmSaturday, 27 March 2021


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Dane Blacklock and the Preachers Daughter have a new CHUNE! it's called LILITH, and it's a smash hit rock n roll banger about a bad ass lady, the first woman created who refused to lay beneath adam, and was cast out of the garden of eden by jehovah the tyrant. Lilith, also known as Babylonia or the Queen of Harlots, went on to be the coolest demoness in the universe, dancing at the gates of hell, kicking ass, and fucking demons (on top).

Listen to it here:


Dane Blacklock and the Preacher's Daughter play a strange mix of satanic gospel, blues, rock and cabaret. Their live show is a high energy, wild rock opera / cabaret / satanic black mass, complete with theatrical inroads, satanic preachin', rituals, and rollicking good times. COME BOOGIE FOR LUCIFER!

We will be joined by Special Guests Freud and the Family Solution, check out their shit here:


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