Damn Williams "Montague st." Single Launch


8:00 pmFriday, 6 December 2019


Some Velvet Morning

123 Queens Pde Clifton Hill

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After a successful residency at Melbourne's Tote Hotel, Damn WIlliams is excited to bring his live band to Some Velvet Morning for one Friday night in December to celebrate the launch of his new single "Montague st."

“Montague st.” is a story of the singer’s maternal grandparents, from whom Damn Williams garnered his last name: an act of both tribute and identity formation. Len and Nell Williams died before the singer reached 7 years so their narrative is informed and pieced together from the stories and recollections of the singer’s mother and two aunts, who form one of the narrative voices in the song.

The song is in part a reflection on intergenerational family relationships and the integrity of memory. The troubled life and times of the “greatest” generation; enduring trauma in the wake of WW2, financial difficulties, substance abuse, infidelity and mental deterioration is set alongside and underpinned by the presence of familial love. Len and Nell’s relationship became totemic for the dualistic nature of history and the intangibility of love and attachment. Asking what holds us together through it all, and revealing the arbitrary yet crucial nature of love to the stories that form our past and identities.

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