Daisy Kilbourne, Jane Clifton


7:00 pmWednesday, 29 June 2022


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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Daisy Kilbourne is a Singer-Songwriter born and raised in the small town of Daylesford. She has a big love for the 60’s & 70’s folk music scene being inspired by Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks and anyone you’d find at Woodstock. Although she wishes she could travel back to that time she hopes she can bring a little bit of that peace and love to you with her acoustic folk sound and vintage Flower Power inspiration.


Jane Clifton is a smartarse crone, know-it-all, big-mouth, won’t-be-told, singer, actor, writer, poet and Bomber tragic. First night at The Poet - welcome Jane!

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