Cry Baby, Pink Wool Press, Grey Whistle Test, Ché Steer (arvo) DEALER - *SOLD OUT* with BLKLST, ANTICLINE, ATLVS (evening)


1:00 pmSaturday, 20 April 2019


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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CRY BABY are a new grunge-soul band hailing from a small back shed in Geelong, it is a sweet concoction of musicians with very different inspirations but a passion for music. With inspiration from classic soul and blues, funk and punk this band is one band that will keep surprising.

Pink wool press was formed in light of Mike Hearn's debut EP ‘Clumsy’. Their music captures the rural nostalgia of their homeland on the Murray River and is presented through a playful set of sliding textures in a bargain bin of styles.

Melbourne’s Grey Whistle Test just released their powerful sophomore EP, ‘Post Pt.1’. Growing ever more expansive and demanding, their live set never voids from experimentation nor ambience. 


Following the enormous release for "CROOKED" and equally shattering "GROTESQUE" Made for you: The DEALER sound's First live demonstration in Melbourne is here. Come as you are and experience the "SOUL BURN" ep live front to back, along side friends BLKLST, ANTICLINE & ATLVS. 

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