CORIN, PTWIGGS, Nico Niquo (live), Jale (DJ)


7:00 pmSaturday, 20 July 2019



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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CORIN launches ‘Manifest’, her LP debut on Bedouin Records (Berlin/Dubai), with special guests Ptwiggs (Sydney), Nico Niquo, Lilly Kane, ju ca and Jale. Her live show will showcase visuals by frequent collaborator Tristan Jalleh that have been especially created to represent the album .

'Manifest' is inspired by the synthetic sounds and theoretical notions found in modern iterations of the club, re-framed to fit within a hyper-real zone that encompasses late-romantic opera and orchestral music. There is also an impetus to examine a physical interaction with the mechanical through the tightly configured and all-consuming visual/musical aesthetics.

“there’s some bangers in the hot-stepping arps of ‘Catalyst’, a convulsive barrage of beat-em-up kicks and noise in ‘Dissect’, and the dive-bombing drill rattler ‘Exo’.” - Boomkat

"CORIN calls Manifest her "cyberpunk tribute," and the tag is apt; this is some powerful electronic body music. The artist has been honing her craft over the past few years with a series of EPs and performances. Her debut album is hard-edged, yet accessible, reminiscent of old school industrial with a new school twist." - A Closer Listen

CORIN (live)

Ptwiggs (live)

Nico Niquo (live)

Jale (DJ)

Lilly Kane (live)

ju ca (live)

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