COCKED AND LOADED FEST feat: Looks That Kill, Dangerous Curves, Diamond Foxx, Destroy She Said


8:00 pmFriday, 28 September 2018


The Evelyn Hotel

351 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 3065, VIC

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Cocked & Loaded is a night dedicated to a time before grunge came along and wiped the colour out of good music.

A time where there was an endless parade of longhaired dudes who did their best to destroy the ozone layer with loud guitars and oversized bass drums.

A time fuelled by a steady diet of sex, drugs and rock and roll. A time of fast cars, fast women, outrageous guitar solos and the occasional power ballad.

Unfortunately, however (for the haters), this genre was built to last and has always survived in the background of current trends and technologies due to its ever-dedicated fan base who never turned their back on their past which influenced the rest of their lives.

And in relation to the haters, cocked and loaded will be evidence enough that this genre of music is indestructible.

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