Clowns, Picket Palace, Goldminds


7:00 pmFriday, 30 April 2021


Esplanade Hotel

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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In 2011, during the infancy of now veteran status punk Melbournites Clowns, the band was performing a gig at a 6 week residency in the Espy basement. As their fanbase grew, so too did their realisation that the music and live shows they create was starting to inspire some strange and unusual behaviour.

One such night at the bands residency, Clowns were playing yet another set of party inspiring tunes as a circle pit, a game of fisty cuffs and an event resulting in the bands rider being smashed on the tiled floor broke out - leaving a cocktail of glass, ice and boozing splattered on the walls and floor.

The security were not impressed. Only 3 songs in to the set, the entire crowd was muscled and kicked out of the Espy, leaving the only two patrons at the gig being the sound person and the bar staff. Clowns played one more song and walked off early, cutting many songs from their set. Later Clowns would be advised that their 6 week residency was being cut short due the raucous and unpredictable nature of their shows. Banned in St. Kilda.

But many moons later Clowns will have their redemption, as they play the Espy Gershwin room on Friday April 30th 2021 with Picket Palace and Goldminds and right the wrongs of their previously raucous and menacing behaviour*

*please be advised that this does not guarantee a night free of raucous and menacing behaviour. Party hard at own risk.

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