Cloudhead, H20


8:00 pmTuesday, 30 November 2021

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Alto saxophonist Holly Moore and tenor saxophonist Hector Harley are joined by rhythm section powerhouse Robbie Finch on double bass and Lewis Pierre on drums to explore new compositions. Inspired by saxophonists Chris Speed and Andrew D’Angelo from Human Feel, and some of the classic chordless groups of the 50s, H2O navigate melodies, weaving in and out of each other exploring new ideas as a collective.


Cloudhead is an outgrowth of an exciting and organic duo that captures the spontaneous and open-listening approach of Zeb Vescio (guitar, composition) and Matt Steele (piano, composition) bolstered with the fabulous rhythm section of Robbie Finch (bass) and Lewis Pierre-Humbert (drums).

Donation entry. Music from 8pm.