China Beach, Saffron Connection, Tribal Kesh


6:00 pmSunday, 21 October 2018


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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China Beach are a wild disco funk outfit out of Melbourne. They play wild freaky music about Love taking us higher, dancing at home on the weekend and life's party, right outside your door.

Saffron Connection
East meets West- Greek and Balkan melodies reconnect with India in a modern context through ancient echoes. An appreciation of our unique musical cultures.
Sarita on Sitar and Vocals. Byron is well versed in Greek and Balkan music. Basil plays the trumpet with Balkan influence. Manmit is on the tabla. Bea accompanies the music with bellydancing.

Tribal Kesh 
Crossbreeding north African Gnawa with jazz and funk. Mouad Skalipan who's deeply schooled in his native Marrakech/Morocco, brings a celebration of that north African sound combining styles like Chaabi, Gnawa, desert blues...with a modern approach this band performs with high energy and a sense of improvisation.

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