Centralia, Imperial Twenty, Manic Temple


7:00 pmWednesday, 4 August 2021


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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From the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Centralia bring their unique style of music combining intense and heavy moments interspersed alongside flowing melodic phrases. The 5 man line-up released their debut album ‘Down Below’ in late 2020 to positive reviews. Looking to build on this momentum in 2021, Centralia bring immense energy and excitement to any and all stages they step foot on.

Fresh off their release of the pulse pounding debut EP ‘Witches Diner’ Imperial Twenty look to continue their ascent in the local music scene in 2021. With their tight, heavy guitar riffs, their grooving and head banging rhythm section combined with their incredible, raw vocals Imperial Twenty bring forth an energy that is not matched by many.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia since early 2020, MANIC TEMPLE are the latest up-and-coming name making waves in Melbourne’s Alt-Rock scene. Sharing a love of heavy music, singing melodies and odd measures to create a sound reminiscent of 90’s alternative acts, this 4 piece have been making waves and shaking up the city with their presence with their headbang inducing tunes.

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