8:00 pmThursday, 25 April 2019


Penny's Bandroom

420 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Beats and Raps vol.22 is the working title of Cazeaux O.S.L.O.’s living Hiphop meditation experience. Known primarily for his work as the lyricist within the rap groups SO. Crates and Man Made Mountain, as a solo artist, Cazeaux O.S.L.O. has been collecting loops off of records and rapping over them since he was a kid and has never stopped.

“Certain sounds hold a signature quality for me that draw out signals from other places beyond my own limitations as an artist. Improvisation allows me to give shape to these feelings and emotional states, rhythm and colour to the internal fires of creativity. Usually I just like to vibe to myself, burn stuff in the dark and rap and maybe even write a little but the experience is different on stage in view of my human comrades. In that moment knowing it can never happen the exact same way twice, that’s the beauty and the joy and the terror all in one breath.”

Consider his expression of lo-fi beat-tape poetry a window into the raw essence of Southern California, parked after dark with the homies — chillin’

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