Cat & Bull Club - Album Launch, Good Morning Kaos, Uncle Ben's Last Words (arvo) SEZARAC, The Archanan + Half n Half (evening)


4:00 pmSunday, 6 October 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Cat & Bull Club will be joined by 2 awesome bands and are inviting all of our friends to come and celebrate the release of our first album.

Cat & Bull Club - Album press release
Laurie Norwood and Adam Lee have emerged as evocative songwriters with this alternative take on the Celtic folk genre. Creating an original feel that is a culmination of the many styles both have played over their musical careers, the songs on this self-titled album are a stark and rootsy exploration of modern folk music.
The themes of love lost and urban decay are all encompassing through this song-writing intrigue which invokes feelings of nostalgia and romance. The content digs into how our emotions go up and down in a life where we can even enjoy ourselves whilst deeply lost in the grit and turmoil that surrounds us. Like the way we can love a grungy inner-urban streetscape, a seedy warm bar with low lighting and even a tumultuous heart-breaking relationship.
Songs like Fairy Tales lead us to dreaming of fairy folk in some fantastic other world as a distraction to the real-life saga that we are trying to hold together, and ultimately leaving us with a feeling we might just make it through this thing called life and love.
With lyrics such as “you got no priest to keep you fair and true” in Heart 2 Keep and “we just keep on juggling hearts that melt like gold” in Fairy Tales – you get the idea of strong bonds of love juxtaposed against the inability to maintain some form of equilibrium with emotions that are changing form constantly and will not behave in a manner that can be so easily judged or controlled.
An album that will be a source of fascination for lovers of original music and artistic explorations.


Sezarac trash the upstairs band room at Bar Open - Sunday 6th of October

*With supports The Archanan and HALF N HALF.*

loud, heavy music and good vibes, hope to see you all there 🤘🤘

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