Buttered Loaf, Le Pine, Greyjacks, Ska-non, Earl Gery's Breakfast Tea


6:30 pmWednesday, 12 September 2018


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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For the first show of The Big Septober Spill, we start off on September 12th with Le Pine bringing their mates along to show you a melting-pot of Melbourne’s local punk bands.

First up, Earl Grey’s Breakfast Tea are off to introduce the show with their own fusion of punk and garage rock. Quickly after, Ska-non and Greyjacks aim to prove that ska-punk isn’t quite dead yet by delivering 2 different sets of “angry Jamaican music”. And finally, Le Pine are gonna bring it all back home by delivering the classic Melbourne surf-punk sound the city has come to love.

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