Burden Man w/ Plum Green + Anarazel + Illimitable Dolor + OTHRS & The Fruity Pickers (Front Bar)


7:00 pmFriday, 18 November 2022


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Inspired by a plaguing sense of existential unease, Burden Man was initially conceived as a solo project by Sydney-based, apocalyptic-folk crooner Justin Finch. Having since evolved into a three-piece, the band is now creating something far heavier - in both an emotional and musical sense.

Weaving potent ruminations on sorrow, personal suffering and the inevitability of our collective demise, the trio has developed a cult following throughout the Australian underground for their crushingly sombre brand of deathly, dark metal.

Burden Man draws influence from disparate corners of the musical world to forge a connection with their audience – echoes of black and doom metal, through to classical and dark folk make their way into each carefully crafted composition.

Justin’s baritone vocals and blues-inspired lead work, propelled by Blaize’s driving bass tones and John’s beastly drumming create a conduit through which audiences are encouraged to purge their afflictions. Through their compositions, Burden Man hope to lift the blanket of darkness for their listeners - if only for a little while.

As Burden Man sits on three releases, Shadows of the Dying (2017), Burden Man (2019), and Grievance (2021) (Brilliant Emperor Records), they have proven themselves to be a mighty presence in Sydney. See them on tour this October and November along Australia's east coast in support of the tour they never got to do for 'Grievance'.

The band will be supported by Plum Green, Anarazel, Illimitable Dolor and OTHRS.

The Fruity Pickers trio play old time, folk and bluegrass tunes, featuring banjo, fiddle, & guitar.

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