Bowie Unzipped feat: Jeff Duff


Starts 6:45 pm, 26 November 2021Ends11:45 pm, 27 November 2021


Bird's Basement

11 Singers Ln, Melbourne

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Aways in demand the BOWIE UNZIPPED show has been performing around the country, including upcoming performance at the MEMO Music Hall.

The immense popularity of Bowies legacy cannot be understated. That being said it is fitting that Jeff Duff’s show has gained a reputation for delivering stunning performances of Bowie classics.

‘Bowie Unzipped’ salutes Bowie’s ever evolving musical career with Jeff’s unique interpretation of Bowie’s remarkable and enduring songbook. Jeff has been singing Bowie’s songs for many years with the glowing support of Bowie’s official website BowieNET.

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