Bonniesongs "Ice Cream" launch, Hannah Cameron, CHWH


7:45 pmFriday, 14 June 2019


Yarra Hotel (Abbotsford)

295 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

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I'm launching my first Bonniesongs single "Ice Cream" from upcoming debut album!!! AND we are coming to Melbourne!

So excited to rock out with this awesome band - Tom Botting, Monty Richmond and Maria Moles!

You can listen to Ice Cream at:

I'm thrilled at this line up of lovely supports ♥


Cold Hands Warm Heart (CHWH) are an psych-folk pop band from Melbourne who work with visual projections and graphic scores.

CHWH are a collaborative four piece based around the songs of harpist & vocalist Genevieve Fry (Grand Salvo, Prudence Rees-Lee, Four larks Theatre), sound artist/composer Travis John on guitar & processed sounds & drummer/percussionist Esala Liyanage & bassist & vocalist Georgia Harvey. They are usually joined by Tokyo based musician Yuko Kono on recorder & backing vocals.


Hannah Cameron’s music possesses a power that is immediately arresting. Based in Melbourne, Cameron has established herself as a captivating musician to watch. Through evocative lyrics, she explores a range of themes and emotions, maintaining a voice that is both assured and insightful.

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