Body Slam - Wrestling and Heavy Metal feat: Hybrid Nightmares, Cryptic Abyss and more...


7:15 pmSaturday, 25 January 2020


Max Watts House of Music

125 Swanston St, Melbourne

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Welcome to Body Slam! Melbourne's newest live music and wrestling event, from the team behind Hell On The Bay.

Turning Max Watt's House of Music into an absolute slaughterhouse, the first ever Body Slam will feature full sets from Hybrid Nightmares, Earth Rot and a yet to be announced third band.

The show will also have brutal, hardcore wrestling matches, each more bloody and disgusting than the last featuring Victorian wrestling royalty and a host of fresh meat:

Damian Rivers vs “The Hardcore Bitch” Vixsin vs Mad Dog Mcrea

FOX vs “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor

Sicko Smacks vs “The Polynesian Demon” Mortar

“Snuff King” Gore vs “The Prince of Perversion” Kurtis Day

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