Body Electric Dancers


7:00 pmSaturday, 19 November 2022


Forum Melbourne

154 Flinders St, Melbourne

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Join the Body Electric Dancers for a night of entertainment and dance passion.

Wear your red carpet worthy best outfit and get ready for your close up!

And roll...

The Body Electric Dancers are a dance troupe made up of everyday folk who twice a year bedazzle themselves in unthinkable volumes of body glitter and sequins, and strut their stuff on stage in front of crowds of screaming fans.

Founded by local dance teacher and choreographer Jade Duffy, Body Electric began just over 15 years ago and from humble beginnings has grown into a legendary Melbourne institution. Originally made up of just a handful of dancers, now Body Electric comprises hundreds of people from across Melbourne who head to Body Electric’s Collingwood studio each week to learn high-energy choreography set to iconic pop bangers.

Their performances are a high-camp spectacle, with each of the 10 classes of 24 dancers displaying a distinct theatrical concept. Performers construct their own costumes, and the eye-popping creativity of this homemade fashion has become one of the shows’ biggest attractions.

So who are these secret dancing divas? Well, they’re everyone. They come from all walks of life, professions, ages, cultures and nationalities.

So you think you can dance? The members of this amateur dance troupe sure can – and they have the best time doing it.

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