Blowers + You Legends [BEER GARDEN ARVO] Seedy Jeezus + Buried Feather [BANDROOM]


3:30 pmSaturday, 13 February 2021



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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BLOWERS play garage punk that blows, and their first gig back is a date with the Tote's Bartertown beer garden on a Sat arvo, 13 Feb. BLOWERS will soon release their debut self-titled album on Spooky Records via Chaputa Records (Portugal). More details to come. Last time they were allowed on stage, they played with bands like The Cavemen, Sore Points, Stiff Richards etc. So check them out.

BLOWERS aided and abetted on the day by 4 piece garage punk-pop miscreants YOU LEGENDS ... ‘legend’ has it the drummer from Airborne’s mum said they were ‘gutsy’.


Seedy Jeezus once referred to as “The Bearded Shamen of Riffology” take the beast that is 60s psych and meld it to the throbbing corpse of 70s rock. Hard-working and always experimenting, these guys can go from tranquil soundscapes to mind-melting freakout, taking you on a sonic journey like no other. Local psych-trio Buried Feather shares the bill. With a sound built on fuzzy drone and swirling keyboards, Buried Feather’s live shows have built a loyal following.

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