Bizarro + DJ Slyngshot with Pelvis, Jess Zammit & DJ Mum (Bandroom) Malahdo, Creature Fear & Odd Taste (Upstairs)


7:00 pmSaturday, 11 August 2018



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Bizarro HQ couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that top dog over at Yappin Records, DJ Slyngshot, is hopping over the lake for his first visit to Oz.
With a strong dissertation in rule-bending, chopping jazzy hip-hop melodies and stitching them to blown-out house rhythms, and turntable tomfoolery, this is a big tip!

What happens when you have three rocking regional bands in one venue? You get a gig that is guaranteed to be out of this world.
Hailing from all areas across Victoria and New South Wales, bands Malahdo, Creature Fear and Odd Taste are all eager and ready to jump onto the Melbourne Stage and kick some city ass. 

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