Bill Jackson Album Launch: The Wayside Ballads Vol 3


6:30 pmTuesday, 21 June 2022


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Bill Jackson Album Launch: The Wayside Ballads Vol 3

(Laughing Outlaw Records)

A chance meeting between an ARIA Hall of Famer and a much respected but little known Melbourne songwriter ended up in the production of two new records during the grim months of Melbourne’s lock down during 2020. Kerryn Tolhurst had always been on Bill Jackson’s radar, not only because of his place in Australian music history with Country Radio and The Dingoes; but also because of his stellar work in producing independent local acts like Jeff Lang, Cyndi Boste and The Pigram Brothers. For Jackson it felt like a natural fit with Tolhurst’s experience, sublime playing skills and natural bent towards folk, country and rock music. Also Kerryn was a great writer - this had to help.

By June 2020 and countless file transfers/emails/phone calls later ‘The Wayside Ballads Vol 3’ had been completed and still they pushed on, also completing an as yet unnamed follow up. Vol 3 is folk music as Jackson sees it and a natural ending to the trilogy he envisioned with his brother and co-writer Ross back in 2014 and recorded in Australia (Vol1) and the US (Vol 2). Aside from a few special guests, ‘ The Wayside Ballads Vol 3’ is essentially Bill and Kerryn playing the songs as they were’s all about the song.

Special Guests Ruth Hazleton with Fiona Steele playing songs from Hazleton’s acclaimed ‘Daisywheel’ album.

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