Better Than Sex and Dead Rodeo [basement]


7:30 pmThursday, 2 February


Esplanade Hotel

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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As the collective psyche of the globe gnashes its teeth at the abyss, and your liver, kidney, and soul are sold to almighty corporations, Better Than Sex will have you gyrating and grooving like nothing else.

It’s funk for cynics, jazz for nihilists, cowboy circus cabaret chaos…… an undefinable sound that hits a spot you didn’t even know was there.

A golden voice and mighty roar, bass lines that walk the Nullarbor, guitar riffs which defy the laws of arthritis, drums executed with the precision of a US bullet going through the head of a Freedom Fighter, trombone that erupts like the trunk of an elephant, and a saxophone so smooth it has multiple undisclosed court cases.

Better Than Sex. The soundtrack to the privatisation of your nervous system.

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