Bathhouse, Pink Harvest, Alexandra Duguid [FRONT BAR] The Mean Times 'Bananas' - Video Launch, The Fiction, Fuzzrays [BANDROOM] Burning Sand, James Cain (solo), Sooterkin Flesh [UPSTAIRS]


7:15 pmThursday, 18 July 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Following their fresh and steamy Melancholy Dream-Pop 2019 debut release 'The Bathhouse EP', Bathhouse are excited to present 3 consecutive weeks of live music this July in The Tote front bar with a range of excellent and eclectic Melbourne bands and musicians from 8pm onwards with FREE ENTRY.


The Mean Times dip back into the Raw Prawn cocktail to deliver another single and epic video for Bananas at The Tote on Thursday July 18th. 


Sonic anomalies and oscillations presents a night of dark consonance and dissonance
10:30 BURNING SAND plays dirty synths, distorted piano, mechanical sub bass, dystopian industrial samples and grit laden drum sequences. A mesh of dark ambient frequencies are crafted to evoke an atmospheric dream like state of mind along with a deep profound awakening pulse and throb.
9:30 SOOTERKIN FLESH brings on the experimental in a rare appearance. Manipulated tape machines, effects, contact mic percussion and harrowing vocals meld into brooding textured layers of distorted reality
8:30 DEVIL MONKEY bassist, James Cain, brings a set of material that’s “too nice” for a regular DevilMonkey gig. His first solo show for some time.
8:00 $10 entry

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