Barbariön – “There Will Be Fire” Film Clip Launch [Fri night - Sat arvo]


Starts 7:15 pm, 25 March 2022Ends 6:00 pm, 26 March 2022


Hotel Westwood

28 Napier Street Footscray

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Not since the Pharaoh Khufu eagerly gazed upon the final capstone being hauled atop the Great Pyramid of Giza almost 4600 years ago, has humanity found itself at such a threshold moment…

And the significance of that moment you ask?

The twice in a millennium MEGA-EVENT that can only be: A BARBARION MUSIC VIDEO LAUNCH!!!!

In fact, 8 out of 10 of the world’s leading archaeologists agree that BARBARION have exerted more effort in the past 6 years of filming than it took to construct all Seven Wonders of the World combined (though to be fair we did have the help of a Panel van which the ancient Babylonians (probably) did not)

To those brave enough to join us in witnessing what could well be the single greatest feat of cinematic excellence in the history of the universe, we ask you to join us at Hotel Westwood in Footscray on Friday, March 25th

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    Hotel Westwood

    28 Napier Street Footscray