Badgers, Mr Teenage, Gorsha [Front Bar] Flying Dutchman, El Colosso, Cosa Nostra, Mongrel [Upstairs] Scott & Charlene’s Wedding ‘When in Rome - Carpe Diem’ 12"EP Launch with Opals & Luxury + special guest Oscar Perry [Band Room}


8:00 pmSaturday, 11 January 2020



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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BADGERS are bringing their summertime psychedelic grooves to The Tote front bar every Saturday arvo/evening throughout January! Kicking things off on January 4th from 5:00pm - Bluey will be treating us to a solo set of amazing tunes featured on his new EP followed by the riff-heavy doom queens SPAWN. Entry is FREE so we'll see you there!

Their animal namesake might be shy and retiring, but Melbourne’s BADGERS lean more towards taking after their spiritual totemic symbolism: aggressive self-expression. Formed and bonded over a mutual love of ‘60s pop and partying - along with an appreciation for ‘70s wallpaper - BADGERS pretzel twist spare barebones rock and hazy paisegaze pop back in on themselves, emerging with a piercing, spiralling rock’n’roll that swings like a playset in a hurricane.

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