Badgers 'Make It Rain' Single Launch - Househats, Undercover Crops [UPSTAIRS] Gamjee, Floodlights, Eggy Clamm, That's Alright!


8:00 pmFriday, 15 November 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Gamjee and Tiny Town Records welcome you to celebrate the launch of Gamjee's debut album 'Legacy Project', which is the inaugural release on TTR. Why not combine the album launch and the label launch into one show?

Support from:
That's Alright!

Gamjee cassettes and all sorts of other TTR merch available on the night.


Debut single ‘Make It Rain’ is a driving, party-ready belter that
charges with a reckless melodic abandon into a groove deeper
than the cracks in a ‘70s vinyl chair back, showering steely-eyed good-time vibes like a sprinkler set to ‘stunning’.

With an album being recorded and self-produced at the studio of Little River Band’s David Briggs (who is also lending an ear via engineering & mastering), BADGERS are fiery and focused,
chilled and meandering... shy and retiring, aggressive and self-
expressive. They’re all you want in a band in 2019. They’re BADGERS.

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