Bad Boys Batucada, Wombatique, Brooklyn's Finest


7:15 pmSaturday, 23 March 2019


Night Cat

137-141 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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Bad Boys Batucada Started by creating a sensation in the Latin quarter of Melbourne in 1993 and is now a unique musical institution. Their energetic performances and unusual fusion of Brazilian, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, and Rock music has knocked out audiences in all corners of the world. Using Brazilian percussion instruments, drum kit, turntable and vocals, the band has created it's own musical style based on traditional Brazilian rhythms. Their commitment to originality, improvisation and making the crowd dance means that every show is a new experience and a new chapter in the musical evolution of the band. The band's members originate from Brazil, Australia, France and Chile and are individually the cream of Melbourne's drum and percussion scene.

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