Axed #5 - 1st Birthday (free) feat: Maladroit, Napoleon (NSW), Zyphor (SA), Jawcep (NSW), 6head_slug, Gelido, Flashback Rave CommitteE, Jor Terror & Ninja Gaijin


8:00 pmThursday, 25 April 2019



125 Smith St, Fitzroy

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Breakcore producer based in Melbourne, formerly part of the now-defunct System:Corrupt collective. His hardcore influenced breakcore is known for exceeding speeds of 250bpm and samples extensively from pop songs, ska and other electroacoustic genres. However unlike other artists who employ the popmash, he combines songs at breakneck speeds and with little concern for royalties owed to the artists he samples from. Some of his tracks can employ as many as 90 copyright protected songs over a five minute period. He has released on labels as Core-Tex, System Corrupt and Bruchstellen, the latter being an Australian label dedicated to releasing German breakcore artists from the 1980s. He once claimed to have invented the amen break, however this claim is unsubstantiated and is widely dismissed by experts in the breakcore sector.

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