7:00 pmWednesday, 22 November


Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Ashes is a dynamic band who have cultivated a distinct and analogous language over the past years. This group brings to life sketches of music written by trumpeter Ashley Ballat whose eclectic musical aesthetic amalgamates music from the incredible Australian Jazz scene, ECM records, American Free Jazz, Ambient, Folk and hint of Metal.

Together the band coalesce acoustic sounds with electronics to create thick soundscapes full of texture, colour, and mood. Moving between lamenting melodies, dense fiery fury and sparse, delicately restrained improvisation, this band’s sensitivity is something special.

Ashley is excited to announce that the band will be recording at the end of this year after much deliberation and nervousness for her debut professional recording experience as a band leader! Come and see them play before they go in to record!

Ashley Ballat – Trumpet and FX
Dan Waddingham – Guitar
Isaac Gunoo – Bass
Ollie Cox – Percussion and Electronics
Maddison Carter - Drums

Doors at 7:30, Music from 8pm

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