Artie Styles Quartet


7:00 pmFriday, 18 November 2022


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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Formed from a common love of all things indecent in music, The Artie Styles Quartet aims to deliver

a boatload of high energy organ-driven jazz, funk and soul express to your eardrums. So if you are in

need of deep satisfaction, pound your senses into sublimity with the delectable sounds of The Artie

Styles Quartet. Featuring members from bands as diverse as City Calm Down and Clare Bowditch,

The Artie Styles Quartet bring a vast wealth of experience and unpredictability that will keep you

entertained and grooving.

Featuring on Hammond - Cameron Fallaw, bass - Daniel Beinke , guitar - Max

West and on the drum kit - Lee Armstrong.

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